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The Cynic's Posy | Ltd.Ed.66

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written and edited by G. F. Monkshood. 5" x 8" | 70 pages Black & White on Cream paper Underworld Amusements Exclusive Edition This collection of quips, aphorisms and epigrams was partly composed and partly compiled by writer and translator G.F. Monkshood in 1908. The first half of the book features quotes from Monkshood himself, and the second half are quotes from various sources he'd collected, unfortunately unattributed.
AUTHOR'S NOTE THIS is no posy of poesy, I sorrow to say. It is a little collection of epigrams in English, principally concerning attitudes of the modern mind towards the life-and-death subject of sex. They are the perceptions of perceivers, frankly pessimistic, upon subjects that are, usually, treated with every conceivable word and phrase that exists in the lexicon of Cant and Lies. A glance at the records of English writers of Epigrams, from Bacon downwards, will convince us that they 'moaned their frustrate lives.' Our climate or our cooking may be to blame or, probably, they wrote in the hope of accomplishing some high moral purpose for which the world was not quite ready—and never will be. However, my highest, most ambitious hope is that this book will be purchased by charmingly decorative women who will read it while their hair is being brushed by handmaidens (or other people). It is also possible that some men may dip into it after a good lunch or an excellent dinner. The best things in it may be quoted anywhere without fee or acknowledgment. I am very grateful to the Editor of "Books of To-Day and the Books of To-Morrow," for permission to reprint from that monthly.

LONDON, July, 1903