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How To Start Your Own Country | Erwin S. Strauss | SIGNED


Image of How To Start Your Own Country | Erwin S. Strauss | SIGNED
With the recent death of legendary dissident publisher Paladin Press, Underworld Amusements is proud to be working with the author Erwin S. Strauss to continue to make copies of his wonderful How to Start Your Own Country available. Our copies are signed by the author exclusively to be sold here.
Can you really start your own country? Erwin Strauss shows you five different methods for doing just that, as well as everything you need to know about sovereignty, national defense, diplomacy, raising revenue and recruiting settlers. Includes dozens of new-country success stories. Why settle for being king of your castle when you can be king of your own country? Originally published in 1979, with the most recent edition in 1999, Erwin S. Strauss' book has inspired dissidents, radicals, creatives and even inspired a film and television series by the same name.
NOTICE: This is "new old stock", inventory left over after the publisher went out of business. Some shelfwear may be evident.
Erwin S. Strauss is a long-time advocate of individual liberty, sci-fi aficionado and amateur press association (APA) publisher. He is often known by his penname "Filthy Pierre", and for his "filking".
This book had a profound impact on me in my mid-twenties, when I unwittingly stumbled into a reframing of my understanding of my relationship with the state when I read his conception of a "model country." I had already identified as an auto-theist, but that merely defined my relationship with the notions of "god" and the "supernatural." The idea of self-sovereignty was revelatory. While I was largely apolitical for a great deal of my life, from that point on the frame I saw the government through was one of a self-owner, being a mirror of the same view I had on the Church since my mid-teens. Since that time so much of my political thinking has been influenced, directly or not, by that small push. --Kevin I. Slaughter