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Solar Economics | Len Bracken


Image of Solar Economics | Len Bracken
"All that glitters is gold," etc. etc. Wealth is energy and earth is ruled by the sun; if not by its gifts of heat and light, then by its effects of chance and surprise. Economics is a flimsy hoax. We laugh a malicious laugh with Heraclitus. Malice is how he handled Homer and Hesiod, and it's the art we use to crush the cancerous art of economics. We trust Heraclitus -- his words are blazing meteors in trajectories across time — when he tells us, "All is generated by fire, all is exchanged with fire, all is consumed by fire... The breath of the sun is the breath of life and death."
Len Bracken, author of the first biography of Guy Debord, among other wide-ranging books, poetically critiques economics, referencing Bataille, Fourier, the Kwakiutl, and revolutions of the past thirty years.
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