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Progress and Poverty (Modern Edition) | Henry George

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Image of Progress and Poverty (Modern Edition) | Henry George
Henry George was very influential on many of the figures subject to the study of the UnionOfEgoists.com project, from Ragnar Redbeard and Benjamin DeCasseres to Malfew Seklew.
Why There Are Recessions And Poverty Amid Plenty- And What To Do About It!

One of the world's best-selling books on political economy edited and abridged for modern readers.

Many economists and politicians foster the illusion that great fortunes and poverty stem from the presence or absence of individual skill and risk-taking. Henry George, by contrast, showed that the wealth gap occurs because a few people are allowed to monopolize natural opportunities and deny them to others. George did not advocate equality of income, the forcible redistribution of wealth, or government management of the economy. He simply believed that in a society not burdened by the demands of a privileged elite, a full and satisfying life would be attainable by everyone.