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ANSWER Me!: All Four Issues | Jim Goad

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Image of ANSWER Me!: All Four Issues | Jim Goad
Paperback | 8.5 x 11 | 480 pp. Sold out for the moment. We have some more in storage but it may take a while to get to them.
For the first time ever, all four issues — yes, including the infamous “Rape” issue — of Jim and Debbie Goad’s legendary and seismically controversial magazine, ANSWER Me!, have been collected under one cover. Nine-Banded books is very proud to bring this sumptuous compendium into existence, and we’ve spared no expense in getting it right. Extras include a new interview with Jim Goad, a full-size enclosure of “The Rape Game,” and previously unpublished material.

Long before anyone worried about “trigger warnings” or “safe spaces” or “rape culture,” there was ANSWER Me! — “The Only Magazine Worth Hating.” Tell it to your mother. Tell it to the judge.