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Above the Arch | Renzo Novatore


Image of Above the Arch | Renzo Novatore

Wolfi Landstreicher's translation of Renzo Novatore's "Al di sopra dell'arco" or "Above the Arch".

From an underground press based in Seattle. They don't have a website and they didn't even put an imprint on the book anywhere... that's some deep underground stuff there. From my contact, I'm told that only a small number of copies of this book have been bound, but hard numbers were not forthcoming.

The book itself is small: 4x5.25" Something I hadn't realized until it arrived.
In it's 116 pages are a few short stories:

The Poem of Evil
Tragic Embrace
Blonde Vampire
The Demon's Lover
The Night Monster

From the back cover:
I have seen many Loners walking the roads of Silence. Among men, these are the ones that I have admired most. I know their refined, superior and distinct palate, and I know that the fruits with which they nourish themselves are the sweetest and most delicate.
Someone affirms that these will be men of tomorrow; but I instead believe that they are the eternal exception in the eternal rule.
For thousands of centuries the magnificent rays of the sun have blazed upon this noble Earth, but the reptiles, marshes and mud still live their stupid life.